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This book rocks...pure, inspiring, and positive for children and grown-ups alike!
Written and illustrated by two local, lovely, power house women!
If you have kids, buy this book. Buy it even if you don't.

~ Julie Fiscalini

I read and bought this amazing, little soul nugget from one of my dearest soul sistas,
Sara Wilcox, this week! She illustrated the whole thing with her gal pal, Lynette. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT...Not just a children's book..
but one that gives your heart or someone else's a hug.

~ Kirstin Candy

I am in love with this book!
My step-sister has wrote a feel good about yourself book that every child should read. 
What a powerful message! Thank you Lynette.

~ April Trieger

What a blessing of a book for parents of young children.
We are always trying to incorporate mindfulness and inner awareness with our kids
(ages 5 and 3), reading I Am Here is the perfect introduction to these concepts for children.
Sometimes we just read one or two pages to inspire a specific conversation,
other times we read the book through and a natural quiet reflection happens,
quite a gem of a book!

~ Kelly Bret Almeroth



I AM HERE the book
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